Virginia Foundations Solutions


VFS: Virtuous, Forthright, Sincere. Located in wonderful Virginia Beach, VA, we proudly service surrounding areas including the Peninsula as north as Williamsburg, and the Southside all the way down to Moyock, NC. We repair foundations, crawl spaces, and waterproof homes by providing permanent and long-lasting solutions for our customers. The structural soundness or dryness of your home never has to be a worry again! 

Knowing how to choose the right contractor can be tricky. Careful research will help sort out bad information in order to keep your home safe and stable! You should always educate yourself about your project first. To reach your goals, you must first understand the problems your home faces. A solution can only truly be reached after the problem is analyzed for the best possible solution. This can be a daunting task because not everyone knows about the science and physics behind what happens in a crawl space or with a foundation. That’s where the helpful expertise of a VFS inspector comes into play. Multiple constantly changing factors such as soil type and compaction, moisture content in air and soil, original construction and repairs to your home are just a few of the examples that can affect your home. At VFS, we do our best to educate and empower our customers to understand the elements of foundation repair so that they can knowingly hire the right contactor.

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