Did you know… Insects and even rodents can get into your home through cracks in your foundation, becoming uninvited house guests. Make your house HEALTHY again with a custom solution to meet all your needs.


Did you know… It’s unusual, but foundations collapsing, chunks of brick veneer falling off the house, and other serious safety hazards can and have happened. Make sure your family is SAFE by putting VFS to work for you!


Did you know… You can save 15%-20% on energy costs. An independent study reveals that homeowners who properly fix their foundation and crawl space problems can save $$$ on heating and cooling costs. At VFS we use Energy Star Rated equipment and products Made in the USA. Go GREEN an put VFS to work for you!,


A vented dirt crawl space costs more money each year in heating and cooling bills, and mold, rot and pest control repairs. Our solutions lower or even stop these costs.
Call VFS today, it’s the first step towards a CLEAN crawl space.


Did you know… Settlement is often associated with older homes, but a recent article from CONSUMER REPORTS shows that an alarming 15% of new homes have structural problems. Call VFS today and let us put your home back on STABLE ground.


Making Our Community Healthier One Home At A Time

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  • I have had 3 massive water leaks in my home I have owned over the last 7 years. After the most recent one 12/2012, I decided to do something about it. After much research I decided to go with VFS.

    The owner of the company himself came out to my home to estimate my work, which was a drain system, waterproofing the outside walls, and an inside drain system which led to a sump pump where excess water was to be pumped to the outside world. To describe the company, I can use only one word..... FLAWLESS!

    By the way, two days after My job was completed (07/21/2013) we has a massive storm, and I went out in the storm to see how my drain system was working, and it almost brought me to tears to see all the crystal clear water run OUT from my Foundation!!! THEY ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY YOU PAY THEM. I simply got a signature loan to pay for everything. Contractors and their employees were out at my Home EVERY day they could work, and they were on time as well. None of them were using any profanity, and they kept me in the loop for all of the work that was to be performed. I felt Secure having them work on my home. A+++++

    -Chris Leong
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  • Q: How can we better serve you?

    A: (Bring Donuts) Service was great. No Problems. Men on the job took care of business. Crew was cordial and HARD working. Danny was always easy to contact.

    Q: Any other comments for us?

    A: We are very impressed with presentation, work ethics, cleanliness of work site, demeanor of workers, promptness and work performed.

    -Captain Dewey Thomas
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  • Virginia Foundation Solutions in Virginia Beach: you did a great job. All went very well and in time. The result looks great.

    -Heinz Schiller
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  • We are very pleased to recommend VFS. Over the years the foundation of our house has settled significantly in multiple locations causing doors not to close properly and cracks in the first story brick facade, among other things. The VFS work proposal was complete and included not only the foundation work that was required but also the brick work that was needed, which other proposals had not included.

    The work crew was very professional, polite, and friendly. They obviously knew their jobs and went about them very efficiently. Mr. Farris checked in on them regularly to answer questions and provide direction. When the job was finished they went over and above what we expected during clean-up; even relocating some shrubs and bringing in some mulch.

    While no one likes to spend this kind of money, we are very pleased with the results and would certainly use them again if we encounter other issues that might require their expertise. We have recommended them to a number of friends and neighbors who are experiencing similar problems.

    -Ralph & Jamie Lembke
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  • I recommend the work and persons involved with Virginia Foundation Solutions (VFS) for any crawlspace problems. All persons we came in contact with were very professional and knowledgeable. Before we signed the contract, Danny Farris provided a breakdown of each task, so we could pick and choose what we wanted. He explained why he recommended each task. After reviewing the proposal, we came up with questions which he answered via e-mail. This prompted more questions, which we discussed at length on the phone and in person. We had crawlspace work done including full encapsulation, drainage, (sump pump and dehumidifier) and floor reinforcement to correct water, mildew, rodent, and structural problems. The washer would shake the entire house when running on spin (we had appliance repair, but the washer was okay - under warranty).

    VFS corrected the problem with structural fixes. The work was started on time. The crew was always on time, courteous, hardworking, and left a very clean workplace each day. Lenny was especially helpful as the work progressed, and took care of quite a few "extras" at no charge. After the work began VFS did not attempt to charge for "unforeseen" issues.

    -Dave Zerbian
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  • After searching high and low for over three years to find a solution to our sinking problem, we finally had a glimmer of hope. My wife and I have had a problem with our foundation to our home. The foundation had cracked and over half of our garage was literally sinking away. To try to help with the problem we called just about everyone the area. There were many that said they could help, but that help came with a steep price until we called VFS. When we got a quote from VFS we thought it was too good to be true, so we asked what the catch was. The owner explained that he was not going to use the pier approach that everyone else wanted to use to fix the problem. My wife and I decided to go with VFS, and boy, we were extremely pleased.

    In choosing VFS, we were able to save over $10,000. Not only did they do the job as they said they would, but they went about it in a great way. The employees were polite and professional. The crew also did an awesome job of keeping the job site clean and secure at all times. I would highly recommend VFS because of the value they bring, the professionalism of their employees, their desire to do the job right, as well as their ability to complete the project in a timely manner.

    -J.E. Morgan
    Suffolk, VAQuote Arrow

  • I am pleased to recommend Danny Farris and the Virginia Foundation Solutions ( VFS ) team. The inspection / estimate were very knowledgeable and walked us through the total process to fix our foundation problems. The crews showed up on time and performed the work each day without taking many breaks. The crews were dedicated and cleaned up their work area each day prior to leaving. The work was started on time and completed ahead of the scheduled finish date. I would highly recommend Danny Farris and the VFS team to anyone who is seeking a solution to their foundation problems.

    -Philip Hull
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  • My mother and I had some concerns regarding her primary home located in the Norfolk area which included some noisy/creaking floors, and vibrations of dishes, lamps and tables. We had seen ads for foundation repairs which suggested that here might be a weakened foundation causing the problems.

    I suggested that my mother contact three companies for estimates and determine if this was indeed a problem that she was having in her home. VFS was the first company contacted. We called on a Tuesday and they were able to come out on Thursday which was convenient for me because I was in town visiting. We were shown numerous signs of stress from a weakened foundation. Pictures were provided and questions were answered in detail. We were encouraged to seek two other estimates for comparison. When I returned home I received an email containing repair estimate along with details of needed repairs that would fix the problem. VFS was available and answered all of our additional questions and provided references upon request.

    We obtained two additional estimates. One was more expensive the other was less; however neither estimate included the thoroughness of the VFS proposed repairs. VFS was going to do significantly more support work than either of the other companies.

    After numerous phone calls and their willingness to provide answers to our many questions VFS was awarded the contract.

    The repairs were completed as proposed, the necessary permit was secured, the workers were very professional and the site was cleaned up daily while performing the job. We even left town prior to completion and returned to find everything in order and the job complete. There are no creaks or rattles in our home and we are very happy.

    -Madeline Arter
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  • The team at Virginia Foundation Solutions(VFS) was a pleasure to work with. The initial visit from their inspector was very comfortable, unlike the pressure sales techniques of some of the other contractors. The inspector/estimator was very knowledgeable and walked us through the entire process. The installation crew showed up on time and worked very hard. Their field supervisor checked on the job frequently and kept us posted on the progress. They even cleaned up after themselves at the end of every day. Once the job was complete, someone came out to take after pictures to show that all the work had been done properly and gave me a copy of both the before and after pics. That was a nice touch. I received my warranties in the mail along with a hand written thank you letter. These guys are serious about customer service. Kudos to the team at VFS for a job well done!

    Williamsburg,VAQuote Arrow

  • I am pleased to recommend the work and persons involved with Virginia Foundation Solutions Inc. The knowledge and professionalism of the firm was impressive and we felt the pricing superior with added value. We had extensive work done including full encapsulation, drainage and major wood replacement. They included numerous pluses without additional charge, and took time to explain the process and options available. The crew was always on time, courteous, and left a very clean workplace each day. The final inspection and documented completion of work, with before and after pictures, was excellent and appreciated.

    -Brock Field
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  • I would like to thank Daniel Farris and the Virginia Foundation Solutions (VFS) Team. They solved a "water in our crawl space" problem that had my family and I worried for several months. Daniel provided us with a complete and honest estimate upfront and did not add additional fees like some contractors do after the job is started. His workers were dedicated, quiet and cleaned their work area each day allowing our children to safely play around our house. After the work was completed, the installation looked professional and the system functioned as designed. I would highly recommend Daniel Farris and VFS to anyone who is seeking an upfront honest solution to their water problem woes.

    -Derrick Aiken
    Chesapeake, VAQuote Arrow

  • I want to highly recommend VFS services to anyone thinking about resolving a crawlspace issue. It's easy to not worry about something you can't see until a major problem erupts. Well, my crawlspace needed attention from minor mold growth & humidity. I tried everything I knew, but Danny explained the problems with controlling humidity and how to resolve it completely. I decided to encapsulate / insulate / dehumidify using VFS techniques. Awesome work, excellent workmanship, and very good equipment! I'll never have to worry about a crawlspace issue because it's like a new room ! Totally clean, and the concrete foundation is insulated via foam spray sealing. Think about your roof being the most important barrier for your home. Well, your crawlspace is just as important because once properly sealed; no more bugs, rodents, mold, and potential wood problems. Also, the peace of mind and increased home value are very worth the money spent. So, in a nutshell, thanks to the VFS team and their commitment to superior job quality.

    -Dave Reed
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Virginia Foundation Solutions is a veteran owned and locally operated small business specializing in foundation and crawl space repair. We are a Class A contractor serving our customers with unrivaled expertise with highly trained certified technicians.

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