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Virginia Foundations Solutions


VFS: Virtuous, Forthright, Sincere. Located in wonderful Virginia Beach, VA, we proudly service surrounding areas including the Peninsula as north as Williamsburg, and the Southside all the way down to Moyock, NC. We repair foundations, crawl spaces, and waterproof homes by providing permanent and long-lasting solutions for our customers. The structural soundness or dryness of your home never has to be a worry again! 

Knowing how to choose the right contractor can be tricky. Careful research will help sort out bad information and help you keep your home safe and stable! You should always educate yourself about your project first. To reach your goals, you must first understand the problems your home faces. A solution can only truly be reached after the problem is analyzed for the best possible solution. This can be a daunting task because not everyone knows about the science and physics behind what happens in a crawl space or with a foundation. That’s where the helpful expertise of a VFS inspector comes into play. Multiple, constantly changing factors such as soil type and compaction, moisture content in air and soil, original construction. and repairs to your home are just a few of the examples that can affect your home. At VFS, we do our best to educate and empower our customers about the elements of foundation repair so that they can knowingly hire the right contractor. 

Providing QUALITY SERVICE with a personal approach

Foundation concerns can cause confusion and worry. It can be difficult to take the first step and make a phone call regarding something you may know little about. It can also be tough to cipher through an enormous amount of information that may or may not be factual. At VFS, we try to make all of these difficult steps a little bit easier. Starting with your call into the office, you will always be spoken to in a courteous and understanding manner. We do our best to set up a timely inspection that works around your schedule. You can rest assured that all information provided to our office staff will be kept with your privacy and security in mind. When our inspector comes out to your home in a lettered vehicle, he will perform a thorough inspection related to your concerns. They will discuss your worries with an understanding ear, and do their best to explain their recommendations. There is no need to go in on blind faith or “gut” feeling, because our inspectors are willing to spend as much time with you as you’d like to explain why these repairs make sense and will fix the problem permanently. If you decide to move forward to have VFS install repairs, you will receive excellent communication from office staff regarding your scheduling and if you have any special concerns or instructions. We understand your home and family is important to you, and we want to help you protect it. When our crews arrive every morning between 8 and 9 a.m. they will be uniformed, respectful, and diligent. After a daily clean up, you won’t find trash in your yard. The work space will always be contained or covered to the best of our ability so that while going through this process the hazards and inconveniences are reduced as much as possible. Our office staff is always happy to help you and address any concerns throughout the process. The crew also receives daily oversight by a supervisor. It is our priority here to know your name instead of make you a number.


After the free consultation of your property, if you decide to move forward with your foundation or crawl space repair project you can rest assured that even the pros at VFS get a second opinion. Rather than having engineers on staff who approve the work without site visits, VFS uses an independent company with an outstanding reputation in the area. Speight, Marshall, and Francis in Virginia Beach creates a stamped property drawing which depicts the scope of work. This drawing is used to procure all necessary permits as required by each city. While VFS installs the job, a professional engineer visits the jobsite to ensure accuracy and proper work practices. At the close of the job, the engineer reviews all VFS documents and composes a final letter for the homeowner summarizing the work that has taken place. This official letter is also used to close the open city permit, as required.

Long-term WARRANTIES on our work

Your home is one of your largest investments. It’s where you can feel comfortable and safe, give your family stability, and keep and protect your most prized belongings. When the structure of your home is compromised it can cause worry. Trusting the repairs of your safe-haven to someone else can be nerve-racking and worrisome. That’s why VFS backs up all of our work with varying long-term warranties which tells our customers we stand by our work. Every day, our installation crews work with unparalleled correctness and a drive to get every job right to ensure our customers are happy with their finished product; their investment. You can expect courteous treatment, a clean work-site daily, and respectful crewmen among other things. It gives VFS pleasure to do business when they can perform with integrity always as the priority. Our long-term warranties protect our customers, as well as our reputation. 

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